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Our mission is to help people across the globe source 100% pure organic, naturally grown mushrooms used for extracts. All of our mushroom extracts are grain-free, filler-free, non-GMO, kosher checked, sugar-free, and eco-friendly.

Mycology4you has an exclusive partnership with one of the industry’s most trusted and established mushroom extract suppliers with over 40 years of experience. Directly sourcing with Chinese partners helps to produce products sustainably without using agricultural chemicals. This helps reach the highest standard of quality products that few companies can match. Check out our Fun Facts and Uses.

Brooke Glasson  - Founder of Mycology4You photo holding mushroom extract
Brooke Glasson founder of Mycology4You

Our mushrooms are grown deep in the mountains of China at elevations up to 12,500 feet. This provides pure air quality and a luscious environment for these mushrooms to grow at their purest potential. All of our varieties are grown naturally outdoors utilizing natural sunlight, pure mountain water, and crisp air.

Our relationship ensures a premium product that is both ethically and sustainably sourced direct to us and shipped to you.  You are guaranteed a product that had undergone rigorous testing both in the US and abroad to provide a quality product with the highest purity and active compounds. 

The result of using real mushroom fruiting bodies that are organically cultivated and naturally grown as nature intended provides the highest levels of beta-glucans and other active compounds that your body desires.

These mushroom fruiting bodies are hand-harvested, then sun-dried or air-dried in a dehydrator. They are then concentrated into a pure extract powder form. This allows you to consume the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural healing benefits this superfood provides in the most convenient way possible. In contrast to the Mycology4you approach, many companies in the USA use mycelial extracts that are grown on grain, which retain a lot of starch from the grain leading to an inferior product.

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We are passionate about supplying a 100% natural organic product, high in beta-glucans from mushrooms grown on natural substrates and not the grain-based mycelium.  This ensures you are paying for and receiving a product that is 100% pure and free of fillers. Please be aware of other mushroom distributors that are selling myceliated grain products, this can result in being more detrimental to your health, due to the high alpha-glucans. Make sure you are purchasing a pure mushroom extract from fruiting bodies that are grown on natural substrates, these contain beta-glucans.

Consuming extract powders provide the most efficient way to absorb and retain the natural compounds and healing benefits so your body can feel at its most optimal level.

Our products can be used in a variety of ways and are not just for humans! Animals such as dogs, cats, equine, cattle, and chickens all benefit from using our products! You may sprinkle it on your food, create smoothies, use it in salad dressings, cook with it, bake your favorite cookies, infuse your tea and coffees, or just take a mushroom shot by itself! Please head over to our Store and check out our great mushroom products for yourself.

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Note: Mushrooms may not be right for your particular condition. When dealing with a serious illness or diagnosis, always consult your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you.