About Mycology4You

Mycology4you started while Brooke was studying for her Bachelors in Science in Alternative Medicine. Brooke wanted to find a solution for herself as she suffered from a parasitic infection that almost killed her. After studying for years, she came across the Turkey Tail mushroom, which provides Anti-cancerous and Anti-tumor effects. This mushroom has been used in Asian cultures for thousands upon thousands of years. In current times, it turns out to be a really potent immune therapy while being used as a new tool of medicine to cancer patients in the U.S.

Not only was she amazed by this mushroom, but the National Institute of Health also funded Bastyr University and the University of Washington 5.4 million dollars to study the mushroom’s properties.

Broke Glasson Founder
Brook Glasson Founder of Mycology4You

Shortly after this realization, she started foraging, making spore prints, and had such a connection for mushrooms. She then decided she was obsessed and wanted to create a business to share the healing properties these fun creators hold.

 Mycology4you wanted the best product, which meant finding a premier supplier. One that supplies quality and organically certified mushroom extracts using the whole fruiting body. Our mushrooms are guaranteed safe with highly effective compounds and defined by scientific analysis.

Our mission is to help people and animals thrive with their health to the most beneficial potential on an everyday basis. Our Code of conduct. Who We Are.

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