Mycology4You Code of Conduct

What is the Mycology4You Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct is an invitation to participate in our mushroom community; it sets expectations for the type of engagement that we expect from one another, as a customer, community, or team member. We activate and uphold our Code of Conduct in all Mycology4You experiences, whether you found our mushroom extract products in a store or connected with us online.

Welcome to Mycology4You

We’re happy you’re here! Join us in creating a thoughtful and inclusive experience.

Be respectful.

We respect each other’s space and we refrain from behavior perceived as discriminatory.

Be kind.

We treat others with consideration and care.

Be you.

We believe in you! get creative, embrace curiosity, learn new content, have fun, be healthy, and if you are comfortable please share your story, we would love to hear about your experience!

-Thank you! You belong here.